What’s up guys?, it’s time for a new countdown that we’re sure more than one of you will enjoy. This post is dedicated to all the WordPress fans out there, we have joined together an extended list with over 100 powered by wordpress websites that feature some of the most eye-catching designs on the web. The list will also include http://euromalt.ru/ sites, which as most of you probably know, consists in an open source WordPress plugin that can turn your site into a fully working social network.

Clean and minimal
There’s been a strong tendency during the past few years toward making cleaner and simpler WordPress interfaces, focusing on content and creating empty spaces. This style can be approached from different perspectives (not only white websites can be considered clean) with the common denominator of having well structured interfaces, elegant fonts and great use of empty spaces.

To classify a site as minimal, you’ll have to consider different aspects such as proportion between empty spaces and content, amount of colors, number of columns and more key aspects that define the style. But there is not a single clean category but actually a few subcategories that can help you categorize a design with higher accuracy, let’s see which ones they are.

Clean by structure
When a site does not have a white prevalence in its interface and fonts are not necessary simplistic but still features a well-organized structure, with everything properly distributed in columns, which are little by the way, we can say that we’re talking about clean by structure sites.

Cuny Academic Commons

As you can see on this example, the Academic Commons of The City University of New York, a site designed to support faculty initiatives and build community through the use of technology in teaching and learning, features a three column system where all the information is carefully organized, so despite of not having an abundance of white, the site clearly features a clean interface.